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Take a moment to support these wonderful organizations. These nonprofits support us along the way as we create a platform for local artists to participate and contribute to our community.  

Donate what you can. Any amount will make a difference. Your donation will allow the community access to programs and resources to help encourage creativity through the arts.


Support the arts in Long Beach by donating $5, $20, or $100 to a local nonprofit the Arts Council for Long Beach. They provide artist support and resources to continue working in the arts. Our community is shaped by the creative vision of our residents that help inspire new generations and the improvement of the City of Long Beach. 

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Local Hearts Foundation started with the goal of reaching out to the hearts of our community to create a culture of love. The Foundation aspires to build bridges of opportunity for everyone while motivating our youth to become more involved in civic change. We currently plan, develop and host several events throughout the year which include our Back To School Drive, Thanksgiving Drive, and Christmas Scholars.

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