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Jack Kelly 

Dimensions 36”x36” $1200 each
Acrylic & Spraypaint on Wood


Jack (Ajax) Kelly is a Professional Creative who specializes in Murals, Branding, and Apparel. Since moving to Long Beach from Ohio in 2018 he has worked for multiple licensed apparel companies creating graphic tees for major retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic, Pacsun, Target and more. After being let go from his job at the start of Covid, Jack was able to begin working and supporting himself full-time running his own creative business.


Canvas size: 48”x60” $600

Canvas size: 48”x60” $600


Canvas size: 48”x60” $600

Jermie “Jay2” Linayao was born and raised in the South Bay of LA and now resides in North Orange County. Jay2 enjoyed the graffiti life through his teenage and early adult years. Since 2016, Jay2 has been creating murals, exhibiting paintings, and competing in art battles both locally and across the US. Jay2 is a self-taught tattooer and uses painting as another creative outlet, using spray paint and acrylic paint. He has attended oil painting courses taught by Rino Gonzalez where he learned many fine art techniques, and expanded his spray paint techniques from mentor/friend Woes.  @jay2tatts

Cynthia Delgado @_cinyy

38x48 Name: Lost Boys Price : $650
18x24 (Pink Canvas )  Name: Lost soul  $350
18x24 (Blue canvas) Name : Lost in the sauce  $350
Digital artist originally from Costa Mesa , living in long beach . Iam a full time graphic designer and I love making 
digital art , most of my body of work is digital however I recently got the opportunity to work on some murals and 
paintings. Art got me through covid and covid allowed me to grow as an artist, I hope you all enjoy this small collection. 



Howdyall @howdyall

Long Beach Artist


Eric Michael @ericmichael_art

Title: B (l) O O M
Canvas dimensions: 30 x 40
Price: $2500

I paint because nothing else made sense

Color-blind and near-sighted

What I see may not be what you see

If I see orange when you see brown,

Does that mean one of us is wrong? 

Or that our perception shapes our reality? 

Can we agree to disagree?

Let’s see.


Jonathan Martinez @art.ofthe.endangered

Struggle of an Emperor 
Acrylic on Canvas
Paradise (diamond shape)
Acrylic on Canvas 
p-56 Mt. Lion
Mixed Media on Toned Gray Paper 

Known as “Art of Endangered,” Jonathan Martinez’ artistic journey began ten years ago and since that time, he has stayed true to what has become his signature style: vibrant colors that seem to move, envelop and uplift the beauty of the wildlife he paints.
Dedicated to painting wildlife exclusively, with every piece, Jonathan celebrates the natural world as he also calls on us, to protect it.

Sara Hassan Khani 

Summer Afternoon, 48 by 24 Inches, Mix Media on Paper,  1000$

Path, 4 by 3 feet, Mix Media on BFK Paper, 1200$

It was a Poem, Charcoal on Paper, 24by 17 Inches 160$
Home, Photo Etching on BFK paper, 17 by 15 inches, 1250$

Sara Hassan Khani (Tehran, Iran 1992) is a multidisciplinary artist and art educator based in Long Beach, California, where she received her Master of Fine Arts at California State University Long Beach in Fall 2020.  She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Tehran, Iran in 2015. Her practice explores the concepts of time and memory and relationships between privacy, publicity, space, and the human body and investigates a narrative that is nonliteral, abstract, and quite ambiguous. She works across Drawing and Painting, Illustration, Printmaking, and Graphic Design. She has participated in multiple exhibitions in Southern California and Tehran. She is the recipient of multiple awards, including the John Baldessari Scholarship. @sara_hassankhani

Elizabeth Munson 
El Maguey
oil on canvas 48”x36” 2019 - $500

Art soirée

oil on canvas 24x18 2021 - $300
Art soiree

“Maguey and Rabbit”
oil on canvas 24x18 2021 - $300
Art soiree
Munzon is a Los Angeles native living and working in Long Beach CA. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) with an emphasis in Figurative Painting and Drawing with a minor in Marketing from California State University, Long Beach in 2017. The same year, Munzon co-founded Flatline, an artist-run gallery in North Long Beach CA that also serves as Munzon's working art studio. She currently serves as Director of Flatline where she curates exhibitions, workshops and community events. Elizabeth’s artwork has been exhibited at the Long Beach Museum of Art, Torrance Art Museum and Bergamot station. @emunzon

Melinda Sanchez

Home Sweet Home" - 36" x 48" = $300

After Laughter Comes Tearz" - 36" x 24" - $200
Tower of Power" - 36" x 24" - $200
Melinda Esperanza Sanchez is a photo based artist born and raised in Central Califas. She has called Los Angeles her home for the past 20 years and is the backdrop and inspiration of her photography. Melinda describes a common theme in her own work as finding “beauty in the breakdown.” She understands the universal hardship every individual faces, and feels that art is an integral mechanism in the process of healing. 


Gabe Copeland 
No Evil - 269$
12”x12” (Set of 3 together)

New Beginnings - 369$
36” x 24”

1982 - 469$
48” x 36”

Gabe Copeland is a Cinematographer/Artist/Painter from Venice CA now living in Long Beach. He prefers to express his creative vision through photography, Acrylic painting, mixed Media, collage with light, film, watercolor or even sharpies on old dress shirts. He adores Long Beach and he loves the local art scene here. He is honored and thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful group of artists here today. @cactusradicus


Jayro  Sandoval @jro.lbc

“a moment in time” 24X48 - $1200

Jayro Sandoval is  a  Long Beach native and  visual artist. He  is a   proud new father of one and loving husband. Jayro takes  inspiration from his life’s  journey and manifestation capturing the moments in which  he realizes the simple  joys life offers but many do not experience. 


Gopi @gopishahceramics

Wall Hanging 1 (left): $2,000
Wall Hanging 2 (right): $1,800
Wall Hanging 3 titled "Fractured" (middle): $2,500

Gopi Shah is the Owner and Creative Director of Gopi Shah Ceramics, a one-woman handcrafted pottery design studio in Long Beach, California. Gopi began working with clay at the age of 14 and continued her education in ceramics at the Museum of Fine Arts and Santa Monica College. Since starting her business in 2014, her work has been featured in Curbed and The Jungalow, displayed at the Craft Contemporary, and sold in West Elm andAnthropologie. Her business has also been featured in international commercials for Quickbooks and FedEx. She currently resides in Long Beach with her catahoula, Hanz.